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Juniors and Seniors
SAT exams are right around the corner. Do not panic. We are here to help you brush up and improve your vocabulary skills. Mastering your vocabulary is the key to high scores in critical reading and essay writing. No need to carry your big box of flash cards everyday. Try our online flash cards!

Freshman and Sophomores
This is a good time to start thinking about college and prepare yourself for the SAT exams. Get an early start to avoid stress; pace yourself; learn and retain SAT specific vocabulary words. Have some fun on the side with our specially designed word games!

6th, 7th, 8th Graders
Reading is the best way to improve your English. However, familiarity with the words does not guarantee that you know the words well enough to be able to use them appropriately and effectively in your daily life, inside or outside the classroom.

Start at the easy level. Distinguish yourself in conversational and written English!

Our goal is to raise your SAT English scores by hundreds of points by giving you:

Confidence and competitive advantage in SAT specific vocabulary words
We provide a most comprehensive list of vocabulary words carefully compiled from published past exams and practice tests.

Disciplined and tailored program
We personalize the program according to your ability level, monitor your progress, and encourage constant drilling for maximum comprehension and retention.

Global access
We promote the flexibility to learn online anytime, anywhere.

Current feature: SAT English vocabulary

Coming features: SAT essay writing; SAT grammar, roots, prefixes; SAT Math

Word Of The Day


   --poor enough to need help from others; impoverished.

In times of famine, indigent people are often uprooted and forced to move to areas with likely sources of food.

Question Of The Day

What is the definition for "authoritarian" ?

A. favoring total obedience or subjection to authority, as against individual freedom.
B. stupid or showing no consideration for other people.
C. to cause to feel bitter or resentful; to make bitter in taste.
D. over supplied in large quantities.

Improve Your SAT English Score

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